Some of the Problems in the Public Education System

There are a number of things that can be lamented about when it comes to the K-12 education system in the United States of America. Of course, no school system can ever be completely perfect. However, these issues must be brought to light for the sake of our children.

Foreign Languages Taught Too Late

Usually, students are first exposed to foreign language classes around the time that they are in the 7th grade. At this point, children are 11 or 12 years old. Their brains have become stiffer, and it is generally harder to learn and become fluent in languages—unless individual children are personally interested in foreign languages. It is as if schools don’t even seriously expect kids to learn languages. They start kids on languages at too late of an age. Children should be started on foreign languages as young as possible. In other countries that don’t natively speak English, young children are started on English when they first start school, and they end up speaking fluent English by the time they are adults. In America, people take four to six years of a language in high school, only to forget it all after they graduate.

Improper Math Preparation

Just like languages, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus are unloaded onto people like a pile of bricks when their minds are more cemented. There are books out there that say that human beings cannot grasp the concept of an X variable when they are under the age of 12. However, one can arguable that, to a large extent, such an idea is not really true. So, as a result, the same few concepts are stretched out for years in elementary school and kids are not exposed to algebra, at all. All of a sudden, they are hit like a ton of bricks by the subject. This probably makes the subject more difficult for a lot of people.


Some schools are really dangerous places. Violence and verbal abuse frequently go on between students in the most high-risk schools. Several schools are such hellholes that children are forced to partake in gang activities for protection against people who want to hurt them. Schools that are hellholes make parents desire an all girls catholic school washington dc so that their children aren’t assaulted. Public schools should not get to the point where parents are forced to either home school their kids or send their kids to private school.


The problem of politics is a universal problem, and it may be one of those problems that no one can really stop. There are a lot of politics between students and teachers, teachers and parents, parents and other parents and teachers and other teachers. This results in some students being favored while other students get the shorter end of the stick. This can drastically affect how well children do in school. Teachers may give more to some students and push them, no matter what their grades are.